WWE 9 Shocking Superstars You Don’t Know were Related in Real Life

Top 9 shocking wwe superstars which are related in real life.The names of wwe wrestlers are as follow:

1:Jerry “The King” Lawler is The Honky Tonk Man’s cousin2:Cody Rhodes is The Shockmaster’s nephew
3:Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is Brian Knobbs’ brother-in-law
4:The British Bulldog is The Dynamite Kid’s cousin
5:John Laurinaitis is Road Warrior Animal’s brother
6:Slam Master J is Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy’s son
7:Rockin’ Robin is Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ sister; Sam Houston is his brother
8:Irwin R. Schyster is Blackjack Mulligan’s son-in-law
9:Dusty Rhodes is Jerry Sags’ brother-in-law

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