What Nutrients you Get When You Eat A Potato(Aloo)

What Nutrients you get when you potato daily in your life.So you should Know about nutrients which you get from potato which are given below:


1: An Excellent Source Of Vitamin C

Potato contains 27 MG Vitamin c(Supports Iron Absorption


2: A good source of Potassium (More than a Banana)

Potato Conatins 620 Mg Potassium.Potassium good for Skin,Muscles or Heart


3: A good Source Of Vitamin B6

Potato Conatins 0.2 mg vitamin B6 and Vitamin B6 Helps in Red Cell Formation


4: Potatoes are nutrient dense comples Carbohydrates

Potato Conatins 26 grams carbohydrates


5: Potatoes are Fat,Cholesterol and Sodium Free


6: Potatoes are only 110 Calories Per Serving

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