Warm-Up For Sedentary Lifestylers

Warm-Up is very important before a workout. First, now I tell you about the sedentary lifestyle friends, A lifestyle with a lot of sitting and lying down and no Exercise is known as a sedentary lifestyle. If you are not doing 30 to 45 minutes of workouts daily then your lifestyle is sedentary. This Warm-Up is easy and too effective. This Warm-Up is recommended for Sedentary Lifestylers, Beginners, and People who can’t do tough Warm-Up.
The Benefits of Warm-Up are given below:
▶ Increase Muscle Flexibility
▶ Increased Joints Range Of Motion
▶ Less Chance of Injury
▶ Increases Workout Performance
▶ More Focused In Workout
▶ Decrease Post Workout Muscle Soreness
▶ You Enjoy The Workout


All Warm-Up Exercises:

▶ Jumping (30 Seconds)
▶ Both Leg Moves
▶ Ankle and Foot Movement
▶ Moving Knee To Chest
▶ Moving Butt Kick
▶ Back, Left, Right Stretch
▶ High, Side, Inner, Back Leg Stretch
▶ Hip Opener
▶ Arm and Shoulder Movement
▶ Grip Extended With Power In and Out
▶ Neck Movement (Know more in Video)
Thanks for Watching Guys! See you at the Next Workout! All The Best(^_^)

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