UnFit To SuperFit Home Workout | 8 Exercises

If you are unfit, out of shape, want to loss weight or weak then this workout routine is for you.This exercises consist of 8 exercises. After every exercise there will be 30 seconds rest. If you want to become superfit and healthy then do daily 3 sets of this workout routine.
Tips To Follow:
▶ Remove Stress From Your Life
▶ Eat Healthy Foods
▶ Take Proper Sleep
▶ Jumping Jack Burpee
▶ Sitting Continuous Short Jump
▶ Standing Cross Crunch
▶ Lower AB Plank/Hold
▶ Slow Mountain Climber
▶ High Knees
▶ Hindu Squats(Desi Baithak)
▶ Sprints
So Now what are you waiting for start now and become Super duper Fit and Healthy ? Thanks for Watching Guys! See you at the Next Workout! All The Best(^_^)

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