Top 8 Shocking Celebrity Couples With Big Age Differences [HD]

Top 8 celebrity couples with biggest age difference which may be new for you which are given below:


1:Katherine McPhee(age 36 years) and David Foster(age 70 years): 34 Years Age Difference Some fans were super shocked to see Katherine and David first get together.
Despite some of the backlash they’ve gotten over their age gap, they’ve taken it in stride

2:Hilaria Baldwin(age 36 years) and Alec Baldwin(age 62 years): 26 Years Age Difference
Hilaria and Alec’s relationship surprised everyone, not for their age
difference, but for the fact that Hilaria wasn’t even a part of the
entertainment industry. Fame definitely hasn’t affected their
relationship as the couple have stayed strong over the years.

3:Rosie Huntington-Whiteley(age 32 years) and Jason Statham(age 52 years): 20 Years Age Difference
Rosie and Jason dated for 6 years before getting engaged in 2016.
While they haven’t tied the knot yet, they do have one adorable son together.

4:Sam Taylor-Johnson(age 53 years) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson(age 29 years): 19 Years Age Difference
Sam Taylor-Johnson and Aaron first met on set of Nowhere Boy, which
Aaron starred in and Sam directed. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

5:Amal Clooney(age 42 years) and George Clooney(age 58 years): 17 Years Age Difference
The human rights lawyer and the actor turned heads when
they became the ultimate power couple in 2013. Since then,
they’ve added to their family when she gave birth to twins in 2017.

6:Sofia Richie(age 21 years) and Scott Disick(age 36 years): 15 Years Age Difference
While Sofia’s dad might not be totally down with her and
Scott’s age difference, it apparently doesn’t have any affect on their relationship.

7:Megan Fox(age 33 years) and Brian Austin Green(age 46 years): 12 Years Age Difference
Their relationship has had a lot of ups
and downs, but they stuck with each other even though
they’re 12-years apart.

8:Katherine Schwarzenegger(age 30 years) and Chris Pratt(age 40 years): 10 Years Age Difference Chris Pratt only had a 3-year age difference with his ex-wife,
Anna Faris, so it was sort of surprising to people when they
found out he was 10 years older than Katherine.

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