Top 10 WWE Legends Records That Will Never Be Broken

These are the top 10 wwe wrestlers who make history in wwe such as the undertaker,Triple H,Ric Flair & ROCK.They set a record that not broken till now.Th List of wwe Legends are as follow:

1:The undertaker(21–0 at wrestlemania winning streak)

2:Highest Show Rating match between Andre The Giant & Holk Hogan

3:Goldberg(Largest Undefeated Record)

4:The Rock(Shortest Match in wwe History)

5:Dr. Death Steve Williams(10 years long lasting streak)

6:Honky Tonk(Longest Intercontinental Champion

7:Bruno Sammartino’s(Longest League Champion

8:Santino Marella(shortest royal rumble Time)

9:Ric Flair(16 X WWE Champion)

10:Triple H(Wining Intercontinental Championship in less that 1 minte)

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