TOP 10 WWE Coolest Superstar Nicknames In Wrestling History

You Know about the wwe superstars nick names which may be new for you and also make you to laugh.Enjoy It.The Names of WWE  Superstars Are as Follow:

1:Chris Jericho (The Ayatollah of Rock ’N’ Rolla)
2:Neville (The man gravity for got)
3:Umaga (The Samoan Bulldozer)
4:Batista (The Animal)
5:Mark Henry (The World’s Strongest Man)
6:Bobby Heenan (The Brain)
7:Razor Ramon (The Bad Guy)
8:Dean Ambrose (The Lunatic Fringe)
9:The Lunatic Fringe (The Mouth of the South)
10:Bruno Sammartino (The Living Legend)

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