The Undertaker Vs Roman Reigns Comparison(Biography★Wife★Family★Income★Net Worth★ Finisher)


The Undertaker:

  • Real Name:

Mark William Calaway
  • Age:

52 Years(2018)
  • Born:

March 24, 1965
  • Occupation:

Professional wrestler
  • Salary:

2.25 Million $ (5 years -part time)
  • Weight:

309 lb (140 kg)
  • Height:

6 ft 10 in ( 2.08 m)
  • Ring Name:

Dead man
The commando
The master of pain
American Bad ass
  • Finisher:

Choke slam
Tombstone pile driver
  • Graduation:

He Graduated From Walt-rip high school in 1983
& he was also a member of basket ball team.
  • Net worth:

17Million $

  • Wife:

Jodi Lynn (m.1989, div 1999)
Sara Frank (m.2000, div .2007)
Michelle Mccool (m.2010)
  • Religion:



  • Trainer:

Don Jardine
  • Debut:

  • Birth Day:

24th March
  • Children:

1 Son

Gunner Vincent Calaway
  • 3 Daughters:

Gracie Calaway
Chasey Calaway
Kaia Faith Calaway
  • Wrestling Career:

Undertaker started his wrestling career in  1984.He is one
one of the greatest wrestler in wwe.
  • Record:

One of the single and greatest record in  wwe history.
 21-0 Wrestle mania
But the streak ended by Brock Lasner at Wrestle mania
XXX and then streak broken 21-1. and then in Wrestlemania
33 and the  streak broken by Roman Reigns 23-2
Now the streak is 23-2 at wrestle mania.In whole career of
undertaker never lose at wrestle mania but he lose two timesat
wrestle mania XXX and 33 against Brock Lasner
and Roman Reigns.
  • Residence:

Austin,Texas,United States
  • Birth Sign:

  • Nationality:

  • Siblings:

Michael Cal away
Timothy Cal away
David Cal away
Paul Cal away
  • Parents:

Frank Cal away (Mother)
Catherine Cal away (Father)
  • Retirement:

  • Championship:

WWF/WWE Championship four time
WWE World Heavyweight Championship three time
won the 2007 Royal Rumble one time
USWA Champ one time
Tag Team championship three time
  • Brother of Destruction:

The Brothers of Destruction are a professional wrestling
tag team in WWE, composed of story line half-brothers,
The Undertaker and Kane.They have teamed together since


Roman Reigns:

  • Real Name:

 Leati Joseph “Joe “Anoa’i

  • Age:

 32 years(2018)

  • Born:

 May 21,1985

  • Occupation:

Professional wrestler


Football Player

  •  Salary:

$955,500 per year

  • Height:

6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)

  • Weight:

265 lb (120 kg)

  • Ring Name:


Roman Leakee

Joe Anoa’i

  • Finisher

Superman Puch


  • Graduation:

He Graduated From  Georgia Institute of Technology

& he was also a member of Footballer Player.

  • Net worth:

3.3 Million $

  • Wife:

Galina Becker

(Marriage in 2014)

  • Trainer:


Sika Anoa’i

Afa Anoa’i

  • Debut:

19 August,2010

  • Wrestling Career:

Roman Reigns Started His wrestling Career in

19 August,2010.and today’s everyone know

roman reigns.

  • Record in WWE:

He beat the undertaker at wrestle mania 33

and now the second man in wwe history who kill

the undertaker’s streak 23-2.

  • Residence:

Tampa Florida.u.s

  • Birth Sign:


  • Nationality:


  • Siblings:


  • cousins:

The Rock

The Usos


Rikishi etc

  • Parents:

Patricia A. Anoa’i (Mother)

  Sika Anoaʻi (Father)
  • Championship:

WWE World Heavyweight Championship (3 times)

Tag Team Champion (1Time)

United States Champion (1time)

Royal Rumble (2014)

  • Motto:

“I can I will”

  • Notable Feuds:

Roman Reigns  Notable Feuds with wwe superstars:
The Undertaker
Triple H
Brock Lesnar

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