The Undertaker Vs John Cena Comparison(Biography★Wife★Family★Income★Net Worth★ Finisher)


The Undertaker:


The Undertaker Real Name,Age or Born:

  • Real Name:

Mark William Calaway
  • Age:

53 Years Old(2018)
  • Born:

24 March 1965


The Undertaker Occupation & Net worth and Salary:

  • Occupation:

Professional wrestler
  • Net worth: 

$18 Million
  • Salary:

$2.5 Million


The Undertaker Weight & Height:

  • Weight:

309 lb(140Kg)
  • Height:

6 ft 10 Inch(2.08m)


The Undertaker Ring Name & Finisher:

  • Ring Name:

Texas Red
Dice Morgan
The Commando
Mean Mark
  • Finisher:

Choke Slam
Hells Gate


The Undertaker Wife and Children:

  • Wife:

Jodi Lynn (1989-1999)
Sara Calaway (1999-2007)
Michelle McCool (2010 Present
  • Children:

Gunner Vincent Calaway (S)
Gracie Calaway (D)
Chasey Calaway(D)
Kaia Faith Calaway (D)


The Undertaker Body Measurement:

  • Body Measurement:

Chest:51 Inches
Waist:39 Inches
Biceps:18 Inches


The Undertaker Trainer or Debut:

  • Trainer:

Don  jardine
  • Debut:



The Undertaker Birth Sign or Nationality:

  • Birth Sign:

  • Nationality:



The Undertaker Siblings and Residence:

  • Siblings:

Timothy Calaway (B)
Michael Calaway (B)
David Calaway (B)
Paul Calaway (B)
  • Residence:



The Undertaker Eye Colour Or Hair Colour:

  • Eye Colour:

Hazel Brown
  • Hair Colour:

Black or White


The Undertaker Parents:

  • Parents:

Frank Calaway (Father)
Catherine Calaway (Mother)


The Undertaker Facts:

  • Facts:

Undertaker Drink alcohol:Yes
undertakers  do smoking:No
He Was A Talented Basketball Player.
He loaned his house to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once.
He is an MMA fan.
He likes Dark music.
He’s a huge fan of motorcycles.
He Stayed In Character All The Time.


The Undertaker Favorite Movie and Actor:

  • Favorite Movie:

Pulp Fiction
  • Actor:

Nick Cave


The Undertaker Championships/Achievements:

  • Championships/Achievements:

3 Time World Heavyweight Champion
1 Time WWF Hardcore Champion
4 Time WWF World Heavyweight Champion
6 Time WWF World Tag Team Champion
Winner of 2007 Royal Rumble
Streak of Wrestlemania


The Undertaker Notable Feuds:

  • Feuds:

Brock Lesnar
Romn Reigns
John Cena
Dean ambrose
Shawn michaels
Triple H and many more


John Cena:


John Cena Real Name,Age or Born:

  • Real Name:

John Felix Anthony Cena

  • Age:

41 Years(2018)

  • Born:

23 April 1977


John Cena Occupation & Networth :

  • Occupation:

Professional wrestler


Body Builder

Voice Actor

  •  Networth:

$ 35 Million (2017)


John Cena Weight & Height:

  • Weight:

251 lb (114 kg)

  • Height:

6 ft 1 in ( 1.85 m)


John cena Ring Name & Finisher:

  • Ring Name:

John Cena

Juan Cena

The Prototype

  • Finisher

Attitude Adjustment


John Cena Graduation:

  • Graduation:

Crushing Academy,Massachusetts,United States (School)

Springfield College,Springfield,Massachusetts,United States (College)

Graduated in Exercise Physiology


John Cena Spouse:

  • Wife:

Elizabeth Huberdeau

(m. 2009; div. 2012)

Niki Bella

(2012 Present)


John Cena Trainer or Debut:

  • Trainer:

Christopher Daniels

Dave Finlay

Ultimate Pro Wrestling

Ohio Valley Wrestling

  • Debut:

5 November,1999


John Cena Birth Sign or Nationality:

  • Birth Sign:


  • Nationality:



John Cena Siblings:

  • Siblings:

Matt Cena

Dan Cena

Sean Cena

Steve Cena


John Cena Residence Or Hobbies:

  • Residence:

Tampa, Florida, U.S.

  • Hobbies:

Playing Football

Playing Games

Playing Basket Ball


John Cena Body Measurement:

  • Body:

Chest:50 Inch

Waist:36 Inch

Biceps:19 Inch


John Cena Eye Colour Or Hair Colour:

  • Eye Colour:


  • Hair Colour:

Light Blue


John Cena Parents:

  • Parents:

John Cena Sr


Carol Cena



John Cena Championship/Accomplishment:

  • Championship:

16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion

5 Time WWE United States Champion

4 time WWE tag team champion

2 Time Royal Rumble Winner(2008 or 2013)


John Cena Facts:

  • Facts:

John Cena is left handed

John cena is afraid from Spiders

John cena drink alcohol

John Cena do not do smoking


John Cena Notable Feuds:

  • Notable Feuds:
Roman Reign
Aj styles
Jinder Mahal
The Undertaker

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