The Great Gama Pahalwan (Rustam-e-Zaman) Training and Diet [HD]

Muhammad Baksh Known as Gama Pahalwan.Gama Pahalwan is the man who never lost a fight only death could beat him.In This Video You Known his Training and Diet and you must Shocked .

  • Gama Daily Training:

Gama’s daily training consisted of grappling with forty of his fellow wrestlers in the akhada (court). He did a minimum of five thousand baithaks (Hindustani word for squats) (avg. speed 100-200 squats per minute) and three thousand dands (Hindustani word for pushups) (avg. speed 50-100 pushups per minute) in a day and even sometimes more within 30 to 45 minutes each by wearing a doughnut-shaped wrestling apparatus called a Hasli of 1 Quintal (approx. 100 kilos).

  • Gama’s everyday diet:

  1. 10 litres of milk

  2. 1.5 pounds of crushed almond- milk drink

  3. Half litre of ghee

  4. six pounds of butter

  5. three buckets of seasonal fruits

  6. Two desi muttons

  7. Six desi chickens

  8. along with fruit juices

and other ingredients to promote his digestive system and muscular health.

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