Sedentary Lifestyle is Slow Poisoning !!

A sedentary lifestyle is also known as an Inactive Lifestyle. In this video, you know what is a sedentary lifestyle, health issues from a sedentary lifestyle, tips to change your inactive lifestyle into a healthy and active lifestyle, and why a sedentary lifestyle is slow poisoning.

▶ What is a Sedentary lifestyle:

A lifestyle with a lot of sitting and lying down and no Exercise is known as a sedentary lifestyle. Just Like you are using too much computer, watching dramas too much, you have a desk job, people who sit in shops for a long time. If you See in your surrounding you see that nowadays people’s activities are too sedentary, if they have time then they play phone games or use the phone for too long, sitting with friends for chit chat and dining with friends is the indication of a sedentary lifestyle. 60 to 80% Worldwide population does not engage in physical activity. The human body has 360 joints,650 skeletal muscles, and 206 bones which are always ready when you move and they perform their functions. When your lifestyle is too much sedentary then slowly your body performance goes down day by day.WHO on World’s Health day says that people who have a sedentary lifestyle may suffer from health complications. Every year approx 2 million deaths occur due to physical inactivity. If you are not doing 30 to 45 minutes of workouts daily then your lifestyle is sedentary.


▶ Health issues from a sedentary lifestyle:

These are the health issues you might face from a sedentary lifestyle which are given below:
1: Slow Metabolism
2: Weak Immunity system
3: Extra Weight gain
4: Weak Muscles
5: Weak Bones
6: Low Endurance
7: Spine Problems
8: Anxiety and depression
9: Double risks of cardiovascular disease
10: Less flexibility (Know more in Video)


▶ How to turn Sedentary lifestyle into an Active/Healthy Lifestyle:

Some tips are given below:
1: Do walk for 30 to 45 minutes daily.
2: Monitor your daily steps with your Smartwatch or phone. You should maintain your 10 to 15 thousand walk steps daily.
3: Use stairs instead of elevators.
4: If you are in the home then do gardening or take part in-home activities.
5: In Sitting, Desk job do 80-150 steps after every hour. (Know more in Video)


▶ Why a sedentary lifestyle is slow poisoning:

Two stories I shared in this video tell you that a sedentary lifestyle is too much dangerous for you. (Know more in Video)

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