Robert Pattinson Biography, Weight, Height, Body, Career, Age and More


Emma Watson Biography, Weight, Height, Body, Career, Age and More

Robert Pattinson Real Name, Age or Born :

  • Real Name:

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
  • Age:

34 Years Old
  • Born:

May 13, 1986


Robert Pattinson Occupation :

  • Occupation:

Film Actor
Film Producer


Robert Pattinson Weight & Height:

  • Weight:

75 kg
  • Height:

1.85 m


Robert Pattinson Net Worth or Nationality:

  • Nationality:

  • Net worth:

$ 100 million


Robert Pattinson Birth Sign or Debut:

  • Debut:

Pattison first appeared in the acclaimed “Harry Potter” fantasy series in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (2005) as bright young wizard Cedric Diggory.
  • Birth Sign:



Robert Pattinson Eye Color or Hair Color:

  • Eye Color:


  • Hair Color:

Golden Brown


Robert Pattinson Facts:

  • Facts:

Robert Pattinson is also a talented musician.
Robert Pattinson was once expelled from school. …
Robert Pattinson was edited out of his first movie. …
Robert Pattinson’s role in Good Time was written specifically for him. …
Robert Pattinson looks up to Jack Nicholson


Robert Pattinson Body:

  • Body:

Chest -47 inches
Waist -31 inches
Bicep-16 inches


Robert Pattinson Ethnicity:

  • Ethnicity:



Robert Pattinson Sibling:

  • Sibling:

Lizzy Pattinson

Victoria Pattinson


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