Non Stop 6 Minutes ABS Advanced Workout Get Perfect ABS In 30 Days

Start This with my New 30 Day ABS Advanced WORKOUT challenge. After 30 days you will see the result but Keep one thing in your mind you do this workout nonstop 6 minutes. In This Video We Work in 3 portions Upper ABS, Obliques, and Lower Abs. So Now whats you waiting for start now and get 6 packs abs and doing this workout your dream come Ture. See you at Next Workout!


▶Upper Abs:
1: Toe Crunches
2: Explosive Crunches
3: Shoulder Hold
4: Cross Arm Crunch
5: Downward Ankle
1: Slow Bicycle
2: Russian Twist
3: Oblique Crunches
4: Lying Wind Mills
5: V Sit Air Punch
▶Lower Abs:
1: Scissors
2: Lower Ab Jump
3: Mountain Climber
4: Leg Raises
5: Knee Raises
6: Hip Raises

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