Morning Fat Burning Special Routine | 9 Exercises

If you want to burn fat and lose weight then this Morning Fat Burning Special workout is for you. These all exercises help you to get in shape and simply you can do it at home, no equipment requires for this workout. Now it’s summer and this workout helps you to lose weight quickly. All the exercises are simple and effective. This workout routine contains 9 exercises and you have to perform one exercise for 30 seconds and do 30-second rest. So do 3-4 Rounds of this exercise Routine in a day for a quick effect on your body and get good results according to your desire. After some weeks you look awesome and totally change. So now what are you waiting for Start doing this Morning Fat Burning Special routine? See you at Next Workout! All The Best(^_^)


▶ Lower AB Jump+Pushup

▶ In Out Cycling

▶ Sarvangasana

▶ Squat Jog On

▶ 50 Mountain Climber

▶ Plank Stepout

▶ Burpee (Half+Full)

▶ High Kick+Side Kick+Back kick+Inner Kick

▶ Short Run Sprint

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