Jackie Chan Biography,Weight,Height,Body,Career,Age and More

Jackie Chan Real Name,Age or Born:

  • Real Name:

Chan Kong-sang
  • Age:

64 Years Old(2018)
  • Born:

7 April 1954


Jackie Chan Occupation & Net worth:

  • Occupation:

Martial Artist
  • Net worth: 

$ 350 Million


Jackie Chan Weight & Height and Nick Name:

  • Weight:

142 lb(65Kg)
  • Height:

5 ft 7 Inch(1.70m)
  • Nick Name:

Jackie Chan
Fong Si-lung


Jackie Chan Wife and Children:

  • Wife:

Joan Lin (m. 1982)
  • Children:

2 Childrens
Jaycee Chan
Etta Ng Chok Lam


Jackie Chan Body Measurement:

  • Body Measurement:

Chest:40 Inches
Waist:33 Inches
Biceps:15 Inches


Jackie Chan Birth Sign or Nationality:

  • Birth Sign:

  • Nationality:



Jackie Chan Siblings:

  • Siblings:

Fang Shide (B)
Guilan Chan (S)
Fang Shisheng (B)

Yulan Chan (S)


Jackie Chan Eye Colour Or Hair Colour:

  • Eye Colour:

  • Hair Colour:

Light Brown


Jackie Chan Parents:

  • Parents:

Charles Chan (Father)
Lee-Lee Chan (Mother)


Jackie Chan Facts:

  • Facts:

Jackie Drink alcohol:Yes
Jackie do smoking:No
His Parents Left Him as A Child
He Sings and Has 20 Albums to His Credit
He Won an Oscar
He Doesn’t Like Rush Hour


Jackie Chan Movies Name:

  • Movies:

The Foreigner
Rush Hour
The Karate Kid
Who Am I?
Drunken Master
Police Story

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