Ideal time to eat your meals?

Know what is the Best time to eat your meals. Peoples who consume their meals(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) on a regular schedule have a very good digestive system, and their Energy and Power Levels and mood, and mind stay fresh all day as compares with the others. Peoples who don’t eat meals at the same time each day they face many problems like Indigestion, Bloating, Bad Sleep and not feel comfortable all the time. Kindly eat your meals at the ideal time for your good health and strong body. The ideal Time for


▶ The Ideal Time To have Breakfast is 7:00 Am.

▶ Don’t Delay Breakfast later than 9:00 Am.

▶ Breakfast should be calorie-rich and heavy because it is the most important meal of the day.

▶ Make sure you have protein in your breakfast.



▶ The Ideal Time To have Lunch is 12:30 Pm.

▶ Don’t Delay Lunch later than 4:00 Pm.

▶ There should be a gap of 3-hours between Breakfast and lunch



▶ The Ideal Time To have Dinner is 7:00 Pm.

▶ Don’t Delay Dinner later than 9:00 Pm.

▶ There should be a gap of 3-hours between Dinner and Bedtime

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