How to Download Battlefield 4 From ocean of games in Hindi/Urdu

In this Video I tell You that how you download Battlefield 4 in better way watch the complete video.


The feature of this game are as follow:

1:t’s an amazing diversion for amusement sweethearts.

2:First individual shooting diversion.

3:Astonishing diversion play.

4:Can play in single, multi players and Compaign mode.

5:Visually challenged individuals can change the on screen markers.

6:Double checked weapons are incorporate.

7:Weapons are separated into programmed and self-loader shoot.

8:The downloading is extremely straightforward and novel.

9:Noteworthy realistic to make diversion more flawless.

10:Give a sensible vibe after to play.


The System requirements are as follow:

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

CPU: Core I2


Setup Size: 18.2 GB

Hard Disk Space:30 GBB

If You Download Battlefield 4 from ocean of games so click on That link:

                            Download Link

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