How Much Black Seed(Kalonji) Quantity Should you take Daily In Your Life ?[HD]

Black Seed (Kalonji) quantity should you take daily in your life how much is important to know for you which are given Below:


You must Not take more then (4-5) seeds of Kalonji a Day.Kalonji is very heaty product.Kalonji suits or not depends upon persons health and condition.Use it empty stomach or after Eating something.Eat 4-5 seeds a Day.Over Dose Of Kalonji Harmful for our health.Increase the element of Pitta in the body(side effect of overDose.Kolonji used in Herbel.In Hadez Nabwi”Kolonji has a cure of every diease except Death.Kolonji benefits ( Kalonji may lower Choleserol Level,Protect Liver and Kidney,May Prevent Stomach Ulcers,May Prevent Join Pain,May Control Blood Pressuer).Eat Kalonji 4-5 seeds after morning Breakfast

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