Full Body Cool Down After Exercise | 25 Stretches

Effective Cool down stretches after exercise For you Guys. Doing Cool down after a workout gives your body Flexibility, Muscle recovery, and body relaxation and reducing your chance of muscle cramps and stiffness. I suggest you do this cooldown after your workout and do 1 stretch for at least 30 seconds. After a workout cooldown is very important because Cooling down allows your body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate to return to their normal levels. See you at Next Workout! (^-^)

All the Best! Exercises:

▶Neck Movements/Stretch

▶Tricep Stretch

▶Shoulder Stretch

▶Quad Stretch Left/Right

▶Quad Twist Stretch Left/Right

▶Lat Stretch

▶Kneeling Lunge Stretch Left/Right

▶Glute Stretch Left/Right

▶Pelvic Stretch

▶Cobra Pose

▶Child Pose

▶Lying Down Stretch Left Right

▶Pigeon Pose

▶Seated Forward Bend/Hamstring

▶Seated Butterfly

▶Glute Rotation Stretch

▶Spinal Twist Stretch

▶Knee Hug

▶Single Knee Hug Stretch Left/Right

▶Lying Straight Leg Stretch Left/Right

▶Quad Ricep Stretch Left/Right

▶Low Lunge

▶Standing Forward Bend

▶Shoulder Stretch To Back


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