Everything Know About Gama Pehlwan||Bruce lee Inspired||World Record||Strength

Birth Name:

Ghulam Mohammad Baksh



22 May, 1878



Amritsar , Punjab






(in 1960) 82 Years Old


Birth Sign:




5 ft 8 Inch (1.73m



250 lb (110 Kg)


Family Members :

Imam Baksh Pahalwan (brother)
Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif (granddaughter)



He Fought 5000 Fights in his whole career and undefeated in his his career.No body can defeat him in life.



Gama’s day by day preparing comprised of thinking about forty of his kindred wrestlers in the court (akhada). He used to do least five thousand Baithaks (squats) and three thousand Dands (pushups) in multi day and even at some point more inside 30 to 45 minutes each by wearing a donut formed wrestling contraption called Hasli of 200 pounds.Gama’s every day eating routine was 2 gallons (10 liters) of milk,one and a half pounds of smashed almond glue made into a tonic drink alongside natural product juice, six desi chickens, a half liter of ghee, six pounds of spread, three basins of occasional organic products, two desi lambs and different fixings to advance great assimilation and recuperation, despite the fact that this high-protein and high-vitality eating routine helped him gather muscle mass


Bruce lee is Inspired With Gama Power and Training:

Bruce Lee was an ardent supporter of Gama’s preparation schedule. Lee read articles about Gama and how he utilized his activities to manufacture his amazing quality for wrestling, and Lee immediately fused them into his own schedule. The preparation schedules Lee utilized incorporated “the feline stretch”, “the squat” (known as “baithak”), and furthermore known as the “profound knee bend.”



5000-0 Fight (Undefeated Person In world)

Gama Pehlwan is the world champion in his time

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