Dean Ambrose Vs Triple H Comparison(Biography★Wife★Family★Income★Net Worth★ Finisher)

Dean Ambrose VS Triple H Comparison


Dean Ambrose:

Dean Real Name,Age or Born:

  • Real Name:

Jonathan David Good

  • Age:

32 Years Old(2018)

  • Born:

December 7, 1985


Dean Occupation & Net worth and Salary:

  • Occupation:

Professional wrestler


  •  Networth: 

 $ 6.1 Million

  •  Salary:



Dean Weight & Height:

  • Weight:

 225 lb(102 Kg)

  • Height:

 6 ft 4 Inch(1.93m)


Dean Ring Name & Finisher:

  • Ring Name:


Lunatic Fringe

Moxley Moxx

  • Finisher

Dirty Deeds


Dean Spouse and Eduaction:

  • Wife:

Renee Young (m. 2017)

  • Education:

High School Drop Out


Dean Body Measurement:

  • Body Measurement:

Chest:45.5 Inches

Waist:36 Inches

Biceps:18 Inches


Dean Trainer or Debut:

  • Trainer:

Cody Hawk

Les Thatcher

  • Debut:



Dean Birth Sign or Nationality:

  • Birth Sign:
  • Nationality:



Dean Religion and Residence:

  • Religion:


  • Residence:

Las Vegas ,Nevada, United States


Dean Eye Colour Or Hair Colour:

  • Eye Colour:


  • Hair Colour:

Light Brown


Dean Championship/Accomplishment:

  • Championship:

1 Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

2 Time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

1 Time United States Champion.

Winner of 2016 Money in the Bank Contract.

1Time Raw Tag Team Champion (with Rollins).

Twenty-seventh Triple Crown Champion and the sixteenth and

youngest Grand Slam Champion.


Dean Favorite Wrestler and Hobby:

  • Favorite Wrestler:

Bret Hart

  • Hobby:

Playing Football


Dean  Facts:

  • Facts:

Dean Ambrose Drink alcohol:Yes

Dean Ambrose do smoking:NO

Dean Ambrose Wanted to Wrestle When He Was 16 But Wasn’t Allowed Until 18.

Dean Ambrose Won His First Championship After Less Than a Year Wrestling.

Dean Ambrose is The Third Longest-Reining US Champion.

Dean Ambrose Feuded With Seth Rollins Before The Shield.


Dean Notable Feuds:

  • Notable Feuds:

Triple H

Bray Wyatt

Brock Lesnar

Kevin Owens

Seth Rollins


Triple H:

Triple H Real Name,Age or Born:

  • Real Name:

Paul Michael Levesque
  • Age:

48 Years Old(2018)
  • Born:

July 27, 1969


Triple H Occupation & Net worth and Salary:

  • Occupation:

Professional wrestler
  • Net worth: 

$26 Million
  • Salary:

$2.9 Million


Triple H Weight & Height:

  • Weight:

255 lb(116Kg)
  • Height:

6 ft 4 Inch(1.93m)


Triple H Ring Name & Finisher:

  • Ring Name:

The Game
Cerebral Assassin
Terror Rising
  • Finisher:


Triple H Wife and Children:

  • Wife:

Stephanie McMahon (M. 2003)
  • Children:

Murphy Claire Levesque
Murphy Claire Levesque
Aurora Rose Levesque


Triple H Body Measurement:

  • Body Measurement:

Chest:50 Inches
Waist:34 Inches
Biceps:22 Inches


Triple H Trainer or Debut:

  • Trainer:

Killer Kowalski
  • Debut:

March 24,1992


Triple H Birth Sign or Nationality:

  • Birth Sign:

  • Nationality:



Triple H Siblings and Residence:

  • Siblings:

Lynn Levesque (S)
  • Residence:

Weston Connecticut, USA


Triple H Eye Colour Or Hair Colour:

  • Eye Colour:

Dark Brown
  • Hair Colour:



Triple H Parents:

  • Parents:

Paul Levesque Sr (Father)
Patricia Levesque (Mother)


Triple H Facts:

  • Facts:

Triple H Drink alcohol:Yes
Triple H do smoking:No
He Worked For WCW
He Was The Second WWE Grand Slam Winner
He’s In Charge of NXT
He Was Close Friends With Lemmy
He’s The Most Consistently Hated Wrestler Ever
Triple H and Stone Cold Won Tag-Team Gold
Triple H is Not the COO of the WWE
He Started As A Bodybuilder
He is the Youngest Star to Win a Slammy Award for  The Superstar of the Year

Triple H Favorite Wrestler and Movie:

  • Favorite Wrestler:

Bret Hart
  • Movie:

Gladiator (2000)


Triple H Championships/Achievements:

  • Championships/Achievements:

5 Time World Heavyweight Champion
5 Time Intercontinental Champion
21 Time European Champion
2 Time WWE World Tag Team Champion
Winner of 2002 or 2016 Royal Rumble
WWF/WWE Championship 9 time


Triple H Notable Feuds:

  • Feuds:

Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins
John Cena

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