Cool-Down After Workout For Sedentary Lifestylers

Cool-Down is very important after a workout. When you finish your workout still your heartbeat is higher than normal, your blood pressure is higher, and your blood vessels are dilated. When you start cooldown after your workout, we do these stretches at a low intensity which helps your heartbeat, blood pressure and breathing to come to a normal level. This Cool-Down is too easy. This Cool-Down is especially for Sedentary Lifestylers, Beginners but anyone can do it.

The Benefits of Cool-Down are given below:

▶ Relax your Mind and Body
▶ Better Recovery
▶ Promote Mobility and Flexibility
▶ Reduce Lactic Acid Build-up in muscles
▶ Prevent you From cramping and Muscle Stiffness
▶ Prevent you from muscle soreness (Know more in Video)


Cool-Down Exercises:

▶ Slow Walk
▶ Standing Forward Bend
▶ Standing Forward Side To Side
▶ Left Side Bend Stretch
▶ Right Side Bend Stretch
▶ Neck Stretch
▶ Left Shoulder Stretch
▶ Right Shoulder Stretch
▶ Left Tricep Stretch
▶ Right Tricep Stretch
▶ Back Stretch
▶ Left Chest Stretch
▶ Right Chest Stretch
▶ Left Quadricep Stretch
▶ Right Quadricep Stretch
▶ Left Bent Knee Cross Body Stretch
▶ Right Bent Knee Cross Body Stretch
▶ Left Lunge
▶ Right Lunge
▶ Left Single Knee To Chest Stretch (Know more in Video)
Do these Cooldown stretches after your workout !!
Thanks for Watching Guys! See you at the Next Workout! All The Best(^_^)

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