Build Chest At Home In 4 Weeks | 9 Exercises

Build Perfect and bigger Chest At home in 4 weeks and with no Gym/equipment needed you can perform these exercises anywhere. This chest workout has 9 bodyweight exercises and if you want to build a chest in 30 days then do 3-4 sets daily. 15 reps of each exercise and 20-second rest after every exercise. Make sure you do every exercise accurately and this is the best and easy Home chest workout to achieve your chest goals. See you at Next Workout! (^-^)

All the Best! Exercises:

▶ Regular Pushup

▶ Decline Pushup

▶ 5 Second Hold Pushup

▶ Diamond Pushup

▶  Stagger Plyo Pushup

▶ Wide Pushup

▶ 20 Second Pushup Hold

▶ Lateral Pushup

▶ Pec Crusher

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