Build Body Muscles(Full Body Home Workout) For Purely Beginners |No Equipment

If you want to build Body Muscles and you are a beginner then try this effective workout. This Full body home workout both for Male and females. If you are not going to the gym or Dojo and you don’t have enough time, no problem I create this easy workout for you, you have to do 8 exercises only and do each exercise almost 15 reps and do 3-4 set a day. This workout routine will hit your entire body. All the exercises are simple, easy, and Effective. After 30 days of doing this workout trust me your body looks muscular, rigid, body back to shape and you look incredibly fit, and now what are you waiting for Start doing this workout to build full-body muscles At home? See you at Next Workout! Keep Working Hard 🙂

Exercises: Build Body Muscle Exercises

▶Steam Engine and Calf Raises (15 Reps)

▶Diamond PushUp

▶Squat Jump

▶Back Extension



▶Downward Ankle

▶Bicycle Crunch

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