Best Time For Walk ?

What is the Best Time for walk and what benefits do you get from walking? My Answer: Best Time For Walk is “Anytime”. You can Walk any time it depends upon you how you set your Lifestyle, what are your habits, job, school, etc so you can manage according to it and you can walk at the time which is suitable for you. Anytime is better than none. The walk is the mildest, easy, and most effective exercise. Anyone can do it easily and Daily Walking is Life-changing.

Honestly, Why I choose and recommend you morning walk here are the reasons:

▶ The ideal time for a morning walk is 5 AM TO 7 AM but I recommend you to finish your walk between 5 AM TO 6 AM
▶ When you go for a morning walk you see that less majority of people go for a morning walk so you feel proud of yourself, boost your confidence and you feel mentally loose because you complete your task.
▶ In the Morning time there are fewer distractions, less pollution in the environment, less traffic, less public, less noise, and more positivity but in the Evening time, there are more distractions, more pollution in the environment, more traffic, more public, more noise.
▶ In the morning walk, because you are empty stomach so you burn more calories while the Evening walk only burns those calories which you got after meal.
▶ Lower the Blood Pressure of Old and Obese People. (Know more in Video)

The Benefits of Morning Walk are given below:

▶ More Energetic
▶ More Active
▶ Improve Digestive System
▶ Good Sleep
▶ Loose and Manage Weight (Know more in Video)
You must do 30-45 Minutes walk every day but if you have time then 1 Hour walk is best.
Thanks for Watching Guys! See you at Next Video! All The Best(^_^)

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