6 Harmful Lipton Green Tea Side Effects You Should Know ?[HD]

Lipton Green Tea has 6 harmful side effects on human body you should know.People Use Green Tea For Weight Lose And Many more Purposes.The Side Effects are given Below:


1:Stomach Problems:

Drinking Green Tea On empty stomach can upset your stomach .Green tea has Polphenols which increase Stomach Acid,Burning,Constipation or Vomiting.


2:Headache Problems:

Green Tea causes the body to lose water,drinking excessive Green Tea cause on excessive Urination leads to Dehydration So through Dehydration cause Headache problems.


3:Sleeping Problem:

Green Tea Contains Caffeine which can make it more difficult to fall Asleep.


4:Anemia And Iron Deficiency Problem:

Tea Interferes with iron absorption can lead to iron deficiency Anemia when consumed in large quantites.Green Tea contains Antioxidant that hinder iron absorption in human body.


5:Bleeding Disorder Problem:

Caffenine in green tea increase the risk of bleeding.Don’t Drink if ou have bleeding disorder Heart conditions:caffanine in green tea causes irregular heart beat or increase blood pressure.


6:Liver and Kidney Problem:

Green tea extracts have reported to cause liver and kidney problems in rare cases High Dose for Long Time can Affect you seriously.

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