13 Rules For Weight Loss| Helpful Tips

These 13 Effective rules help you to Lose Weight and if you follow these you will get awesome results in your weight loss journey. Due to Prosperity People eat whatever they want whether it is healthy or Not. You have to Stop Your mouth for your Body Transformation. The Necessary part of weight loss is to lose it in a healthy way. If you desire to lose weight and make your weight loss journey is easy for you so follow these 13 rules. See you at the Next Workout! (^-^) All the Best!


▶Some Motivation and Consistency/Regularity

▶Sleep(8-10 Hours)

▶Give Time To Eating and Eat When you Feel Hungry

▶45 Minute Walk/Weight Training/Other Sports

▶Change your Lifestyle

▶Skip Fizzy Drinks/Soda/Junk Foods/Backed/Packed/Fried Items

▶Don’t Eat tHese Vegetable and Fruits (Watch in Video)

▶Don’t Skip Your 3 Meals

▶Drink Mild Hot Water(8-12 Glass) and More as your Desire No Limit

▶Don’t Sit tO MUCH

▶Reduce Plate Size

▶Calorie Deficient

▶Keep Food ON Diary

Follow the rules Strictly According to My Instruction In Video! :):)

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